Sunday, 23 January 2011

Working Girl

oooh you've gotta love this haven't you?

It's a time machine that takes you straight back to the 80s.... not that I grew up in New York but the clothes, the shoulder pads, the enormous hair and the makeup was just the same Hoo.

People whine on about it being a hymn of praise to capitalism and the American Dream - I suppose partly because of Carly Simon's (fabulous) theme tune which is literally about the 'New Jerusalem'.  Subtle as a brick but really, who cares?

It's the pioneer spirit, it's no different to Harrison Ford pretending to be a space cowboy and overcoming the odds - except in this film it happens to be the world of business which is the battlefield and HE gets to be the bit of fluff while Melanie Griffith rides out on her titanium horse.

If you get me. 

Sigourney Weaver is such a bitch in this film - what a great actress she is - she must be because you really hate her 'bony ass'.  And Joan Cusack is hilarious : 

'Can I get you anything?  Tea, Coffee, me?'

I must try that one.  But then Harrison Ford-alikes don't come into the office where I work much.  

Can someone pass an edict or something that will bring that hair back into fashion?   It's insane and wonderful.

And let's not forget : 


When I feel sad 'Working Girl' makes me happy.  Simple as.

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